Installing lines, dismantling

In many parts of the country, we carry out our activities in the construction of new investments, factories, factory halls, industrial sites and in the area of our profile. With our experience in the construction industry, and in the field of material handling, we offer our partners reliable services behind us.With the help of our colleagues and partners, we are able to carry out the most specific lifting and machine moving tasks within and outside the country.


We use our tools, if unique tools necessary, we can get everythings.

Companies where we have benn doing:


AGC Glass Hungary, Advaltech, Apollo Tires, Audi,  Borg Warner, BOSCH, BRIDGESTONE,
Coloplast, Denso, Delphi, Dunafin, EDE, EDS, Exedy, Federal Mogul, Flabeg, 
Frattini, Gealan, GEBE, General Electric, Gestamp, 
GIBBS, Grundfos,  
 HAAS-SON, Hankook, Harman, 
Henkel, Himile, Honeywell, IHG, Infineon, Kirchoff,
Komatsu, LEGO, NHK,  MARS, Mazak, Mondi, Morgan Carbon,
Mushashi, Nissho, Otto Fuks, P & G, Polifoam, PTC,
Reckitt Benkiser, Robot Tech, Samsung, SAPA, Schneider, Suzuki, Taiho, Temic Continental, Trocellen,



Countries where we worked:


Austria, Belgium, France,
Netherlands, Croatia, India,
China, Poland, Hungary,
Great Britain, Germany, Romania,
Spain, Sweden, Slovakia,
Ukraine, USA,


Photo gallery: Installing lines, dismantling