Electrical engineering

  • Manufacture of electric vehicles
                    MABI-BUS Kft. 
                    IKARUS-Egyedi Kft.
  • Trolleybuses:

Ganz Transelektro, Ganz Skoda,

  • Diesel, electic tolleybus manufactured in Lansca,
  • Trolleybus powered and articulated electric trolley in Tallin,
  • Diesel, electric trolleybus manufactured in Debrecen,
  • Trolleybus with roller and atriculated electic knobs in Riga,
  • Diesel, electric trolleybus manufactured in Naples,
  • Battery-powered, articulated electric trolleybus manufactured in Rome, 
  • Battery powered, electric trolleybus manufactured by BKV,
  • Maintenance of low and high-speed rail wagons.


  • Trams:

     Ganz Transelektro

  • Road railroad tram manufactured in Debrecen,
  • Tailored trams, manufactured in Budapest.
  • Rail wagons, repair and maintenance:

G-Timco Kft.

  • CAF high-speed rail passenger wagons,
  • DWA high-speed rail passenger wagons,
  • DWJ high-speed rail passenger wagons,
  • MÁV 37-es és 41-es rail passenger wagons,


  • Repair and maintenance of locomotives:

MÁV Zrt.

  • V 41 electric locomotive,
  • V 42 Electric locomotive,
  • V 43 Electric locomotive,
  • V 46 electric locomotive,
  • V 63 Electric locomotive,


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